May 12 – 16, 2014
Europe/Zurich timezone
15th Fluka Course, Thessaloniki, Greece

Practical Information

Transportation in Thessaloniki

Public transport in Thessaloniki is provided by the Organization of Urban Transportation of Thessaloniki (OASTH). Tickets can be obtained at the various ticket points, as well as inside the buses. There is a tickets point outside the airport arrivals, as well as another one close to ABC hotel. Note that if you buy your ticket on board there is a surcharge of 10 cents. The following tickets may be of interest for you:
  • REGULAR: 0.80 Euros, Valid ONLY for one (1) trip
  • REGULAR: 0.90 Euros, Valid for two bus trips to/from any direction and any bus line within 90 minutes of validation.
  • 24-HOUR TICKET: 4.00 Euros

From Thessaloniki International Airport "Macedonia" to ABC Hotel(Aggelaki 41, Thessaloniki 546 21, Greece)

The airport is served on a 24-hour basis by OASTH (Thessaloniki Urban Transport Organization)

Arrival: From 05:30 till 23:00 Take the bus n.78 from the airport arrivals till the bus stop "ΧΑΝΘ" (pronounced HANTH). Cross the small park and walk the "Aggelaki" street in front of you for 200 meters till the square "Sintrivani", where the hotel is located at Aggelaki 41.

Arrival: From 23:30 till 05:00 Take the bus n.78N from the airport arrivals till the bus stop "SINTRIVANI" and then walk 20 meters towards the square, at Aggelaki 41 where the hotel is located.

From Hotel ABC to FLUKA course location

Stepping out from ABC hotel, you are facing north. You turn to the right to face the east and walk for 300 meters on Egnatia street (or Konstantinou Karamanli, both names are OK). You turn to the left (facing north again) to enter the University campus and walk for 100 meters. At your right hand you see a big gray building. It is the central library of the University. For the computer center you enter from the door at ground floor, in the south west corner of the building, and follow the labels.

From FLUKA course location to Teloglion Foundation of Arts

Telloglion cultural center hosts also the restaurant for the lunches. It is located straight to the north from the library, at a distance of 350 meters, just opposite to the university campus