4-15 August 2014
US/Pacific timezone

The SLAC Summer Institute is an annual event held at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in July-August. The Institute is a two-week-long Summer School. Lectures are given Monday through Friday each morning. The afternoons contain a mixture of topical talks, discussion sessions, student projects and tours. In the evenings, there are social activities and student poster sessions. The attendance is typically a mixture from graduate students to senior researchers.

This year's theme will focus on the quest to identify Dark Matter: "Shining Light on Dark Matter".  Observations indicate that 85% of the matter in the universe is non-luminous and point towards the existence of cold dark matter particles.  However, all evidence so far is based on dark matter's gravitational interactions and its particle identity remains a deep mystery. The development of a variety of probes to illuminate the nature of Dark Matter has made this one of the most vibrant frontiers today.

All lectures and Topical Conference sessions will be held in the Kavli Auditorium. For other locations of events, please check the Indico Time Table room assignment.  

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