21 March 2014
Europe/Zurich timezone
FPGAs in High Energy Physics is a workshop to discuss the use of commercial off the shelf field programmable gate arrays for high energy physics experiments and accelerator instrumentation. FPGAs used to process information from LHC experiments are exposed to radiation. They will be subjected to ionizing dose and single event effects. To use them effectively, redundant architectures need to be implemented to circumvent single event effects.

The first workshop will take place at CERN, on Friday, March 21st, 2014. The workshop will be held the day after the Fourth Common ATLAS CMS Electronics Workshop for LHC Upgrades (ACES 2014).

The workshop will include presentations on the intended use of FPGA in each experiment, presentation of irradiation test results, and possible strategies. The goals of the workshop are to share information on:
  • FPGA Radiation Test Results
  • FPGA SEU Mitigation Methods
  • FPGA Upset Prediction Approaches
  • FPGA Tools, Methods, and Design Approaches
  • Results and Experiences from existing experiments
  • New FPGA architectures
  • Tutorials and Demonstrations
Building 222 R-001
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