The purpose of AMICSA 2014, organised in collaboration with ESA and CERN, is to provide an international forum for the presentation and discussion of recent advances in analogue and mixed-signal VLSI design techniques and technologies for space applications.

Workshop Topics:


  • Radiation Effects on Analog and Mixed-Signal ICs,
  • Methodologies for Radiation Hardening on Analogue Circuits at Cell Level, Circuit Level, and System Design Level,
  • Radiation Hardened Technologies for Analog ICs,
  • Radiation Tests of Analog and Mixed-Signal ICs,
  • Qualifying and Quantifying Radiation Hardness of Analog Circuits,
  • Space Applications for Analog and Mixed-Signal ASICs,
  • Analog Intellectual Property and Reusability of Analog Circuits in Space,
  • In-Orbit Experiences and Flight Heritage of Analog and Mixed-Signal ICs,
  • Needs and Requirements for Analog and Mixed-Signal ICs in Future Space Missions.


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503/1-001 - Council Chamber
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