Enterprise Social Networking Systems for HEP community

Apr 16, 2015, 9:45 AM
B503 (B503)



oral presentation Track6: Facilities, Infrastructure, Network Track 6 Session


Bruno Silva De Sousa (CERN)


The emergence of social media platforms in the consumer space unlocked new ways of interaction between individuals on the web. People develop now their social networks and relations based on common interests and activities with the choice to opt-in or opt-out on content of their interest. This kind of platforms have also an important place to fill inside large organizations and enterprises where communication and collaborators interaction are keys for development. They are enablers to unlock hidden opportunities. Enterprise Social Networking Systems (ESN) add value to an organization by encouraging information sharing, capturing knowledge, enabling action and empowering people. For such they propose microblogging, profiles, social networking, suggestion systems and discussion forums. Microblogging introduces a lightweight and informal communication channel that primes information sharing, promotes discussion and gives an equal opportunity to everyone to reach a broad audience. Profiles and social networking are the perfect tool to seek for skills and can act as a catalyzer for new projects and opportunities. Suggestion systems and discussion forums are the perfect tools to identify evolving trends and allow new communities to born. CERN is currently rolling out an ESN which aims to unify and provide a single point of access to the multitude of information sources in the organization. It also implements social features that can be added on top of existing communication channels. This talk will review the experiences with this deployment, the risks and benefits and outlook for the future as a social community tool for HEP.

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