The collaboration meeting on X-Band Accelerator Structure Design and Test Programs is an annual meeting to discuss aspects of design, manufacturing, and testing of high-gradient microwave linear accelerators based on room-temperature accelerator structures. The primary goal of this effort is to push forward the relevant technologies to a level that is readily applicable to highly reliable, higher-gradient accelerators of various scales, such as those needed for future linear colliders. The main topics of this meeting are structure design and associated test programs. The discussions aim to establish a better understanding of the frequency scaling of the limiting gradient, as well as its dependence on material, surface preparation, pulsed heating, etc. To this end, the meeting will allot a reasonable share of time for discussions on the RF breakdown phenomenon from both theoretical and experimental standpoints. Test facilities and the collaborative development of such facilities around the world will be discussed. We will also attempt at this meeting to gain perspective on the ultimate gradient reach. Recent developments will be discussed with the goal of firmly establishing the gradient reach of these technologies and furthering their practical application to specific accelerator designs.
Building No.4 Seminar hall
Tsukuba, Japan
  • Sami Tantawi
  • Toshiyasu Higo
  • Walter Wuensch
This is an ICFA Mini-Workshop under the sponsorship of ICFA BD panel.