Oct 13 – 17, 2014
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
America/Chicago timezone

Scientific Program

  • Site reports

    Short reports summarising interesting changes and news from the site

  • Security & Networking

    This track covers issues related to networking technologies and associated monitoring tools, including the planning for and the use of IPv6, as well as network, system, Grid and cloud security.

  • Storage & Filesystems

    This track discusses everything related to storage technologies and hardware and to file systems, in particular distributed file systems.

  • Grid, Cloud & Virtualisation

    This track is about grid services, cloud technologies and experiences and virtualisation as an underlying technology for dynamic resource provisioning.

  • Computing & Batch Services

    This track is about computing technology evaluation, e.g. benchmarking activities, GPU experiences, batch schedulers etc.

  • IT Facilities & Business Continuity

    This track discusses news on, and experience with, computer rooms, cooling, electricity and facility monitoring, including any measures to improve energy efficiency. In addition, it covers the strategy for providing/improving business continuity.

  • Basic IT Services

    This track covers the services that are needed as a layer between the facilities and the user-facing services, for example configuration, IaaS, CMDB, monitoring.

  • End-User IT Services & Operating Systems

    This track discusses the services that are user-facing such as mail, version control, issue tracking, messaging, service management etc. unless covered in more specific tracks. It also covers operating systems.

  • Miscellaneous

    If you have something that doesn't fit in any other track...