22-27 March 2015
Hotel do Bosque
Brazil/East timezone

Pasta phases in core-collapse supernova matter

27 Mar 2015, 09:00
Hotel do Bosque

Hotel do Bosque

Rodovia Mário Covas (Rio-Santos) BR - 101 Sul, Km 533, Angra dos Reis, RJ, Brazil
Oral presentation Hadronic and quark matter - applications in astrophysics Hadronic and quark matter - applications in astrophysics


Dr Helena Pais (University of Coimbra)


The pasta phase in core-collapse supernova matter (finite temperatures and fixed pro- ton fractions) is studied within relativistic mean field models. Three different calculations are used for comparison, the Thomas-Fermi (TF), the Coexistence Phase (CP) and the Compressible Liquid Drop (CLD) approximations. The effects of including light clusters in nuclear matter and the densities at which the transitions between pasta configurations and to uniform matter occur are also investigated. The free energy and pressure, in the space of particle number densities and temperatures expected to cover the pasta region, are cal- culated. Finally, a comparison with a finite temperature Skyrme-Hartree-Fock calculation is drawn.

Primary author

Dr Helena Pais (University of Coimbra)

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