22-27 March 2015
Hotel do Bosque
Brazil/East timezone

General Information

General Information:

Important: you need a Lightweight account at CERN in order to access all the features of this website. Otherwise, you will be asked to open one during the Registration process.

Conference date and location: the XIII Hadron Physics conference will be held from March 22 to 27 2015 in Hotel do Bosque,  Angra dos Reis, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (video)

Accommodation:  the reservation of accommodation is the sole responsibility of the participants, except for the guest lecturers.

Rates: we have made a special arrangement with the Hotel do Bosque and the rates during the meeting will be (currency converter):

- Single room: R$ 330,00 + 10% (R$ 330,00 + 10% per person per day)
- Double room: R$ 410,00 + 10% (R$ 205,00 + 10% per person per day)
- Triple room: R$ 570,00 + 10% (R$ 190,00 + 10% per person per day)
- Quadruple room: R$ 700 + 10% (R$ 175,00 + 10% per person per day)

These prices covers all meals, coffee-breaks and a thematic dinner (luau) at the beach.

Reservation: the reservation at the Hotel do Bosque can be made with the Central Reservation Office:

- email: reservas@hoteldobosque.com.br
- Phone: 0800-704-3130 or +55(24)3362-3130

Important: - The deadline for reservations is February 28, 2015.
                 - At reservation time the names of the other roommates should be informed.

Payment: each participant can pay his/her fraction of the total rate of the room in the following way: 50% at reservation time and 50% at the Hotel during checkout. Credit card are accepted (4x for Brazilian credit cards).

Brazilian participants: the Organizing Committee is doing its best in order to obtain financial support from the Brazilian financial agencies. Once these resources are released, we will proceed to reimburse the Brazilian participants as much as possible. Graduate students are encouraged to obtain funding from their respective institutions.

Latin American participants: countries members of the Centro Latino Americano de Física (CLAF) have not yet paid their annuities. Thus, the CLAF cannot support events for 2015 yet.

Registration: the deadline for the official registration is February 10, 2015. Please note that registrations made after this deadline will have an increase of 25%. 

Registration fee: the registration fee is R$300,00 (US$ 140.00). The registration fee for graduate students is R$ 200,00 (US$ 90.00). Brazilian participants should follow the instructions in the Registration link. Foreign participants can pay at the conference desk upon arrival. We cannot accept credit cards.

Visa requirements: besides a valid passport a tourist visa may be required for citizens of some countries. In this case, visas can be obtained from the Brazilian Consulate or Embassy in the country of origin. Please let us know if you need an invitation letter for issuing the visa.

Bus information: please, see the information in the Bus information link.