22-27 March 2015
Hotel do Bosque
Brazil/East timezone

On gravitomagnetism and the solar system

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3h 30m
Hotel do Bosque

Hotel do Bosque

Rodovia Mário Covas (Rio-Santos) BR - 101 Sul, Km 533, Angra dos Reis, RJ, Brazil
Poster Hadronic and quark matter - applications in astrophysics


Ms Flavia Rocha (ITA)


In 1918, Joseph Lense and Hans Thirring, discovered the gravitomagnetic effect when studied solutions to the Einstein field equations, using the weak field approximation, of rotation systems. They noted that when a body falls towards a massive object in rotation feel a force perpendicular to its movement. The equations that they obtained were similar to Maxwell's Equations of Electromagnetism, now known as Maxwell's equations for gravitomagnetism. Bearing in mind the concepts and formalism of gravitomagnetics equations, we meansure the influence that the Sun exerts on the planets of the solar system, taking into account the gravitomagnetic field that the Sun produces to ratate around the center of mass os the solar system. In addition, we consider the field genereted by sphere rotating around its own axis, taking into account that the current density varies radially, and verified the value of gravitomagnetic force of interection Sun-Mercury (and the other planets of the solar system), which is the gravitational countepart to the Lorentz force in eletromagnetism. The intention is to calulate the value of this force in the entire solar system to see if there is any case where the gravitomagnetic force approaches, equals or is greater than the force of Newton's Universal Gravitation.

Primary author


Prof. Manuel Malheiro (ITA) Prof. Rubens Marinho (ITA)

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