22-27 March 2015
Hotel do Bosque
Brazil/East timezone

Charmless three-body B-decays: final state interaction and CP violation

24 Mar 2015, 18:00
Hotel do Bosque

Hotel do Bosque

Rodovia Mário Covas (Rio-Santos) BR - 101 Sul, Km 533, Angra dos Reis, RJ, Brazil
Oral presentation Strong and electroweak interactions in the standard model Strong and electroweak interactions in the standard model


Prof. Tobias Frederico (Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica)


We will discuss recent results for the formulation of charged three-body $B$ decays in charmless channels, like $KKK$, $\pi\pi$, $KK\pi$, and $\pi\pi\pi$, introducing the final state interaction in the decay amplitude with relation to the CPT constraint, while CP violation is allowed. We consider the s-wave interaction between the mesons, coupling between different decay channels and a resonance. The p-wave interaction in the resonant states, as the formation of the $\rho$-meson in the $\pi\pi$ channel is considered within the general formulation of the three-body decay channel. In this case the CP violation has contributions from the interference between different mechanisms, like e.g. interference from s and p-wave amplitudes. In particular, we will present preliminary results for the CP asymmetry with dependence on $\cos(\theta)$ in charmless charged channels, as revealed by the recent data from LHCb. We will also discuss briefly a relativistic three-body formalism for the final sate interaction based on the projection of the inhomogeneous Bethe-Salpeter equation onto the light-front with application to the D decay in $K\pi\pi$ channel.

Primary author

Prof. Tobias Frederico (Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica)

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