Oct 27 – 29, 2014
LPNHE (Laboratoire de Physique des Hautes Energies), Paris
Europe/Zurich timezone


This is the 8th in the series of FCC-ee/TLEP-related workshops. It follows on from the sucessful 7th TLEP workshop that took place at CERN on 19-21 June 2014, and the FCC kick-off meeting held on 12-15 February 2014 at University of Geneva.

The workshop is open to all FCC-ee /TLEP design study members, and more generally to all interested in a precision Z, W, H, top factory. The  focus will be on physics and experiments at the FCC-ee. Several presentations will summarize progress and issues with the accelerator design. The agenda is in preparation. If you have new ideas etc.. your are very welcome to express them by sending a mail to Alain Blondel, Patrick Janot, John Ellis, and Christophe Grojean.

Registration is now closed. The workshop dinner is scheduled on Tuesday 28 evening in the famous restaurant "Le Train Bleu" (vegan option available).

The workshop will take place in the new amphitheatre Georges Charpak of LPNHE, located close to the tower 22 of the campus Jussieu (more detailed travel information can be found here):

Please visit the FCC-ee / TLEP web site, and subscribe to the design study if you have not yet done so! The FCC-ee is part and parcel of the FCC design study.

Local Organizing committee:

  • Roy Aleksan (CEA)
  • Sandrine Laplace (LPNHE)
  • Laurence Marquet (LPNHE)
  • Lydia Roos (LPNHE)
  • Pietro Slavich (LPTHE)
  • Dimitris Varouchas (LPNHE)

Scientific programme committee:

  • Alain Blondel (Univ. Geneva)
  • John Ellis (CERN)
  • Christophe Grojean (ICREA)
  • Patrick Janot (CERN)
LPNHE (Laboratoire de Physique des Hautes Energies), Paris
Amphithéâtre Charpak
Tour 22 RdC, 5 Rue des Fossés Saint Bernard, 75005 Paris
The agenda is in construction, hence very preliminary.