21-24 May 2008
CCNU, Wuhan
Europe/Zurich timezone
The workshop is supported by China Center of Advanced Science and Technology (CCAST), Tsinghua University (Tsinghua) and Central China (Hua-Zhong) Normal University (CCNU), and is organized by Central China (Hua-Zhong) Normal University.
CCNU, Wuhan
IOPP Conference Hall
Central China Normal University (CCNU) Institute of Particle Physics (IOPP) 430079 Wuhan, China
Local Committe: Xu Cai (CCNU), Weiqin Chao (CCAST), Xiaomei Li (CIAE), Feng Liu (CCNU), Enke Wang (CCNU), Yadong Yang (CCNU), Daicui Zhou (Co-Chair, CCNU), Pengfei Zhuang (Co-Chair, Tsinghua)
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