Solving the NLO BK equation in coordinate space

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WG2 Small-x, Diffraction and Vector Mesons


Tuomas Lappi (University of Jyvaskyla)


We present results from a numerical solution of the next-to-leading order (NLO) Balitsky-Kovchegov (BK) equation in coordinate space in the large Nc limit. We show that the solution is not stable for initial conditions that are close to those used in phenomenological applications of the leading order equation. We identify the problematic terms in the NLO kernel as being related to large logarithms of a small parent dipole size, and also show that rewriting the equation in terms of the "conformal dipole" does not remove the problem. Our results qualitatively agree with expectations based on the behavior of the linear BFKL equation.

Primary author

Tuomas Lappi (University of Jyvaskyla)

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