New physics searches with B mesons at the ATLAS experiment

29 Apr 2015, 17:35



Tamsin Nooney (University of London (GB))


The large amount of Heavy Flavour data collected by the ATLAS experiment is potentially sensitive to New Physics, which may be found in the mixing of B meson states, or through processes that are naturally suppressed in the Standard Model. We present the most recent results on the measurement of the decay of the Bs into J/psi phi based on full data collected in LHC Run-1 and with updated flavour tagging improving the accuracy in the CP-violating phase phi_s. We also present the measurement of the decay time difference in the Bd system. The most recent results on the search for the rare decay Bs (B0) ->mu+mu- are presented as well as results on the angular distribution parameters AFB and FL describing the decay Bd -> K*mu+mu- -> K+pi-mu+mu-.

Primary author

Dick Greenwood Jr (Louisiana Tech University (US))

Presentation Materials