THE SHIP experiment and its detector for neutrino physics

29 Apr 2015, 14:50


WG7 Future experiments WG7 Future experiments


Annarita Buonaura


SHIP is a new general purpose fixed target facility, proposed at the CERN SPS accelerator. In its initial phase the 400GeV proton beam will be dumped on a heavy target with the aim of integrating $2\times 10^{20}$ pot in 5 years. A dedicated detector downstream the target will allow to probe a variety of models with light long-lived exotic particles and masses below O(10) GeV/c$^2$. Another dedicated detector, that will be the focus of this talk, will allow to study active neutrino cross-sections and angular distributions The neutrino detector consists of an emulsion target, based on the Emulsion Cloud Chamber technology fruitfully employed in the OPERA experiment. The Emulsion Cloud Chamber will be placed in a magnetic field, with the so-called Compact Emulsion spectrometer, a few cm thick chamber for the charge and momentum measurement of hadrons. This will provide the leptonic number measurement also in the hadronic tau decay channels. The detector will be hybrid, using nuclear emulsions and electronic detectors for the time stamp of the events and the measurement of the muon momentum. The muon system will also be based on the design of the one used in the OPERA experiment.

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