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Effect of Transport Current on Magnetization of an IBAD Coated Conductor

Jul 1, 2015, 9:00 AM
Exhibit Hall (Arizona Ballroom)

Exhibit Hall (Arizona Ballroom)

Poster Presentation ICMC-02 - RE123 Conductors Processing and Properties M3PoA - Superconductor Materials IV: Properties and Applications


Cory Myers (Ohio State University)


In this work susceptometry was used to measure the magnetization, as a function of transverse applied magnetic field, sample temperature, and transport current of an IBAD coated conductor. The M-H loops of four samples of the conductor which had different lengths (from 12-4 mm), and which were approximately 3 cm in length and approximately 100 µm in thickness, were measured. The widths were modified so that the the M-H loops could be measured at different I/Ic ratios (from 0.1-1). The susceptometry setup was constructed by modifying a transport current probe with the addition of a rectangular pickup coil and a Bucking coil to its end. The region of the probe containing the sample was placed into the center of a 12 T max field cryogen-free magnet, which was the source of the applied magnetic field. Two different techniques were used to measure the M-H: (1) The transport current was applied and then the magnetic field was increased and (2) the field and current were increased at the same time with a given proportionality constant between the current and field. M-H was measured in applied transverse magnetic fields of 0-12 T, sample temperatures of 4.2 K and 77 K, and transport currents of 0-100 A. The results of the measurements are presented.

Primary author

Cory Myers (Ohio State University)


Dr Edward Collings (Ohio State University) Mike Sumption (The Ohio State University) Milan Majoros (The Ohio State University)

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