June 28, 2015 to July 2, 2015
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[Invited] High Performance REBCO Coated Conductors for High Field and AC Applications

Jun 30, 2015, 4:00 PM
Tucson Ballroom AB

Tucson Ballroom AB

Invited Oral Presentation ICMC-02 - RE123 Conductors Processing and Properties M2OrC - Superconductor Wires II: Coated Conductors and Applications


Venkat Selvamanickam (University of Houston)


RE-Ba-Cu-O (REBCO, RE=rare earth) coated conductors are being produced today by at least six companies world wide in lengths over 500 meters. REBCO coated conductors are being tailored specifically to the requirements in high magnetic field applications as well as AC applications. We have developed heavily-doped REBCO conductors with 15 – 25 mol% Zr addition with excellent properties in magnetic fields of 2 – 30 T over a temperature range of 4.2 K to 77 K. Critical current densities exceeding 20 MA/cm^2 have been achieved at 30 K, 3 T (B||c) and pinning forces over 1000 GN/m^3 have been attained at 20 K. In 20% Zr-added REBCO tapes with 2.2 µm thick films, critical currents of 4000 A/12 mm have been demonstrated at 30 K, 3 T (B||c). For AC applications, we have developed a laser striation and selective electroplating process to fabricate fully-stabilized, 12-filament low AC loss REBCO coated conductors in lengths of 20 meters. 24-filament and 48-filament REBCO conductors have also been demonstrated in 10 m and 1 m lengths respectively. The latest progress in our program on high performance REBCO coated conductors for high field and AC applications will be presented. *This work was supported the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, Office of Naval Research and the Army Research Laboratory.*

Primary author

Venkat Selvamanickam (University of Houston)


Dr Aixia Xu (University of Houston) Mr Anis Ben Yahia (University of Houston) Dr Eduard Galstyan (University of Houston) Mr Meysam Heydari Gharahcheshmech (University of Houston) Dr Xiao-Fen Li (University of Houston) Mr Xinwei Cai (University of Houston) Ms Yuan Zhang (University of Houston)

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