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Modelling of radio emission in the SLAC T-510 Experiment using microscopic Geant4 simulations

Aug 1, 2015, 3:30 PM
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Anne Zilles (KIT)


The SLAC T-510 experiment was designed to verify established microscopic models for simulation of radio emission from air showers by reproducing the physics under controlled lab conditions. For this verification, the simulation toolkit Geant4 was expanded by the calculation of the emitted radio signal with the "end-point" and the "ZHS" formalisms in parallel. We present and compare the results of the two simulation approaches, taking into account the details of the experimental set-up such as the beam energy, target geometry and material, and the magnetic field configuration. We put special emphasis on the discussion of the effects due to refraction and transition radiation and show an initial comparison of the simulation results with the measured data of the SLAC T-510 Experiment.
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Abigail Vieregg (UCLA) Andrew Romero-Wolf (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Techology) Benjamin Rotter (University of Hawaii: Manoa) Brian Rauch (Washington University in St. Louis) Dr Carsten Hast (SLAC) Charles Naudet (JPL, Caltech) Chin-Hao Chen (National Taiwan University) Christopher Williams Dave Besson (KU) David Saltzberg (Univ. of California Los Angeles (US)) David Seckel (University of Delaware) David Urdaneta (UCLA) Harm Schoorlemmer (University of Hawaii) Jessica Stockham (University of Kansas) Jiwoo Nam (National Taiwan University) Joe Lam (UCLA) John Clem (University of Delaware) Katie Mulrey (University of Delaware) Keith Bechtol (University of Chicago) Keith Jobe (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory) Konstantin Belov (JPL, Caltech) Kyle Borch (UCLA) Kyle Kuwantani (UCLA) Mark Stockham (University of Kansas) Martin Israel (Washington University in St. Louis) Prof. Peter Gorham (University of Hawaii) Pisin Chen (National taiwan University) Rachel Hyneman (CERN) Ryan Nichol (UCL) Stefan Funk (Stanford University and SLAC) Stephanie Wissel (UCLA) Tim Huege (KIT) Tsung-Che Liu (National Taiwan University) Viatcheslav Bugaev (Washington University in St. Louis) Prof. Walter Binns (Washington University)

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