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The primary energy spectrum derived from Linsley method with simulations of heavy compositions in the LAAS mini array observation

Aug 1, 2015, 3:30 PM
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Atsushi Iyono (Okayama University of Science)


Observation experiments of Cosmic rays have been carried out since 1996 in Okayama University of Science, the primary energy spectrum in energy range of 10^16eV to 10^19.5eV has been obtained by using a mini array consist of 8 plastic scintillation counters and an extensive air shower (EAS) time structure since 2006. And, in order to improve the energy resolution of the mini array observation, data of zenith angle of EASs have been collected since 2010. In this presentation, we report on results of simulations and data analysis for the primary energy estimate by taking account into primary proton and iron nuclei, because primary particles had been assumed to be proton nuclei in simulations and data analysis until 2013.
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Atsushi Iyono (Okayama University of Science) Prof. ISAO YAMAMOTO (Okayama University of Science) Dr KAZUHIDE OKEI (Kawasaki Medical School) Dr NOBUAKI OCHI (Toyo University) Dr NOBUSUKE TAKAHASHI (Hirosaki University) Ms SAYA YAMAMOTO (Graduate School, Okayama University of Science) Dr SHUHEI TSUJI (Kawasaki Medical School) Prof. SOJI OHARA (Naragakuen University) Prof. TAKAO NAKATSUKA (Okayama Shoka University)

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