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Fermi-LAT studies of IceCube's track-like HESE events.

Aug 1, 2015, 3:30 PM
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Dr Anthony Brown (Durham University)


A small subset of IceCube's extraterrestrial neutrino candidates are detected as track events. The track-like nature of these events within the IceCube detector affords us a ~1 degree angular resolution for the neutrino's origin. This neutrino angular resolution is comparable to the angular resolution of the Fermi Large Area Telescope (LAT) for ~1 GeV photons. Utilising a deep LAT exposure and taking advantage of these angular resolutions, we have searched for faint and flaring GeV gamma-ray sources spatially coincident with IceCube's track-like events. No faint gamma-ray sources or gamma-ray flares were found to be spatially or temporally coincident with the neutrino candidates considered. The deep exposure did however reveal several new gamma-ray point sources which were found to be spatially coincident with Active Galactic Nuclei. The non-detection of the gamma-ray counterparts of the neutrino candidates is briefly discussed.
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Dr Anthony Brown (Durham University)


Prof. Jenni Adams (University of Canterbury, NZ) Prof. Paula Chadwick (Durham University, UK)

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