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Multi-PMT optical modules for IceCube-Gen2

Jul 30, 2015, 3:30 PM
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Lew Classen (University Erlangen-Nuremberg)


Following the first observation of astrophysical high-energy neutrinos by IceCube, planning for a next-generation neutrino detector at the South Pole is under way, which will expand IceCube's sensitivity both towards high and low neutrino energies. In parallel to upgrading the proven IceCube design, new optical sensor concepts are explored which have the potential to further significantly enhance the performance of IceCube-GenTwo. One concept pursued is the multi-PMT optical module which, in contrast to the "conventional" layout with a single 10" photomultiplier (PMT), features 24 3" PMTs inside a pressure vessel. This design results in several advantages such as increased effective area, improved angular acceptance and directional sensitivity. The layout is based on the proven design of the KM3NeT optical module which is now being adapted and enhanced for the use in the deep ice. We present the current state of the hardware developments as well as first simulations investigating the impact of multi-PMT modules on detector performance.
Registration number following "ICRC2015-I/" 665
Collaboration IceCube

Primary authors

Alexander Kappes (Friedrich-Alexander-Univ. Erlangen (DE)) Lew Classen (University Erlangen-Nuremberg)

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