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TeV gamma-rays from the globular cluster NGC 6624 containing energetic millisecond pulsar J1823-3021A

Jul 30, 2015, 3:30 PM
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Wlodek Bednarek (University of Lodz)


Recently very energetic millisecond pulsar, J1823-3021A, has been discovered to emit pulsed GeV gamma-rays in the globular cluster NGC 6624. Assuming that this pulsar injects relativisitic leptons into its surrounding (as expected from modelling of radiative processes within the inner pulsar magnetosphere), we calculate the minimum level of expected TeV gamma-ray emission produced by these leptons in the Inverse Compton scaterring process of stellar radiation from the globular cluster NGC 6624. The results of calculations are confronted with sensitivities of the present and future Cherenkov telescopes.
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Wlodek Bednarek (University of Lodz)


Mr Tomasz Sobczak (University of Lodz)

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