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Effect of electric fields of thunderstorm atmosphere on detection of the neutron component of cosmic rays

Aug 1, 2015, 3:30 PM
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Valentina Antonova (National Center for Space Research and Technology)


Results of the study of data of the detection of high-energy and thermal neutrons on Tien-Shan experimental complex at different stages of thunderstorm activity are presented. We found that the standard deviation of minute values of the neutron monitor data during thunderstorms always exceeds values under fair weather conditions. We selected events during the passage of thunderstorm clouds over the high altitude station without lightning discharges or with a small number with them. It was found that atmospheric electric field (Ez-component ≥ 10-15 kV/m) of positive polarity decreases the count rate of the neutron monitor, and negative polarity increases. The sensitivity of the detected particles to change in Ez decreases with increasing their energy. The upper energy threshold is ~10 GeV. The physical mechanism of effect is based on lead nucleus capture of soft negative muons with the subsequent generation of neutrons. Absence of this effect in thermal neutrons data confirms the conclusion since the main difference of the thermal neutrons detector from the neutron monitor is the absence of the lead. In the active phase of a thunderstorm in the formed thundercloud the picture of distribution of charges is complex and multilayered. The field on the ground can essentially differ from the field that caused the acceleration or deceleration of charged particles. It is possible that the occurrence of the nuclear processes is caused by lightning. Recorded at the Tine Shan bursts of both slow and fast neutrons during lightning discharges are discussed.
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Valentina Antonova (National Center for Space Research and Technology)


Mr Sergey Kryukov (National Center for Space Research and Technology) Mr Vadim Lutsenko (National Center for Space Research and Technology)

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