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A Function to Describe Attenuation of Cosmic Ray Air Shower Particles in Snow

Aug 1, 2015, 3:30 PM
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Katherine Rawlins (University of Alaska Anchorage)


Snow overburden is a part of the IceTop detector at the South Pole, and becoming more significant over time as snowdrift buries the array. Snow attenuates the electromagnetic component of cosmic ray air showers before they reach the detectors, reducing the measured signals $S$, raising the threshold of the array in general, and introducing a potential source of systematic error in measuring shower energy. Understanding this attenuation is vital for shower reconstruction and energy resolution. A simulation of cosmic ray air shower particles has been used to map the attenuation response due to snow, and parameterize attenuation behavior as a function of zenith angle and shower evolution stage.
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Collaboration IceCube

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Katherine Rawlins (University of Alaska Anchorage)

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