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Development of a Front-End Electronics for YAC-III detectors of TibetASgamma experiment

Aug 1, 2015, 3:30 PM
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Yusaku Katayose (Yokohama National University (JP))


To measure the cosmic-ray composition at the knee energy region, Yangbajing Air shower Core (YAC) -III experiment is planned in Tibet, China. We developed a front-end electronics to read out charge signal from YAC detectors. The readout system consists of a charge-to-time converter circuit and a time-to-digital converter circuit. The system has a linearity from less than 1 pC to more than 1000 pC to achieve a wide readout range which is required to measure the burst size of air shower core from 1 MIP to $10^6$ MIPs (Minimum Ionization Particle) with two photomultipliers of a YAC detector.
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Yusaku Katayose (Yokohama National University (JP))

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