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Measurement of shower fron ts with the ARGO - YBJ experiment

Aug 1, 2015, 3:30 PM
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Ms Zhen Tian (Institute of high energy physics)


In gamma-ray astronomy, the time structure of the shower front is crucial to improve the angular resolution of primaries for ground-based experiments. With its full coverage detection area, high time resolution and excellent spatial granularity, the ARGO-YBJ experiment offers a good opportunity to study in detail the temporal behavior of the gamma-ray shower fronts. In this work, by using the data recorded from 2008 January to 2012 October, we extracted a significant sample of gamma ray showers from the Crab Nebula direction. The time profiles of gamma-ray induced and cosmic-ray induced showers are measured and compared. Besides that, the intrinsic time structures of showers are studied.
Registration number following "ICRC2015-I/" 747
Collaboration ARGO-YBJ

Primary author

Ms Zhen Tian (Institute of high energy physics)


Prof. Hongbo Hu (Institute of high energy physics) Prof. Yiqing Guo (Institute of high energy physics) Prof. Zhaoyang Feng (Institute of high energy physics)

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