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Calibration of the absolute amplitude scale of the Tunka Radio Extension (Tunka-Rex)

Jul 30, 2015, 3:30 PM
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Roman Hiller (KIT)


The Tunka Radio Extension (Tunka-Rex) is an array of 44 radio antenna stations, constituting a radio detector for air showers. It is an extension to Tunka-133, an air-Cherenkov detector in Siberia, which is used as an external trigger for Tunka-Rex and provides a reliable reconstruction of energy and shower maximum. Each antenna station consists of two perpendicularly aligned active antennas, called SALLAs. An antenna calibration of the SALLA with a commercial reference source enables us to reconstruct the incoming radio signal on an absolute scale. Since the same reference source was used for the calibration of LOPES and, in a calibration campaign in 2014, also for LOFAR, these three experiments now have a consistent calibration and, therefore, absolute scale. This was a key ingredient to resolve a longer standing contradiction between measurements of two calibrated experiments. We will present how the calibration was performed and compare radio measurements of air showers from Tunka-Rex to model calculations and published results from other calibrated experiments.
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