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Time-resolved multiwavelength observations of the blazar VER J0521+211 from radio to gamma-ray energies

Aug 4, 2015, 4:00 PM
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Heike Prokoph (Linnaeus University)


VER J0521+211 (RGB J0521.8+211) is one of the brightest and most powerful blazars detected in the TeV gamma-ray regime. It is located at a redshift of z=0.108 and since its discovery in 2009, VER J0521+211 has exhibited an average TeV flux exceeding 0.1 times that of the Crab Nebula, corresponding to an isotropic luminosity of 3e44 erg s-1. We present data from a comprehensive multiwavelength campaign on this object extending between November 2012 and February 2014, including single-dish radio observations, optical photometry and polarimetry, UV, X-ray, GeV and TeV gamma-ray data (VERITAS, MAGIC). Significant flux variability was observed at all wavelengths, including a long-lasting high state at gamma-ray energies in Fall 2013. Nighly-resolved spectra at X-ray and TeV energies will be presented, and emission mechanisms explaining the observed flux and spectral variability will be discussed.
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Heike Prokoph (Linnaeus University)


Cornelia Schultz (University of Padova, INFN Padova) Paolo Da Vela (University of Siena, INFN Pisa)

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