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R&D of EAS radio detection in China

Jul 30, 2015, 3:30 PM
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Dr Zhaoyang Feng (IHEP,CAS)


In order to study ultra-high-energy cosmic-ray (UHECR) sources, we need not only to know their direction, energy and chemical composition, but also large statistics of experimental data, which requires that the detector should have a large effective area and a high duty cycle. Radio antennas present some attractive aspects in this perspective, with very low unit costs, easiness of deployment over large areas and 100% duty cycle; they are therefore suitable for detecting UHECRs. In the Tianshan Mountain range (Xinjiang Autonomous Region, China), a radio-interferometer named 21 CMA was deployed, which aims at studying the epoch of reionization by detecting the hydrogen 21 cm radiation. On this site, the Sino-French cooperation experiment TREND (Tianshan Radio Experiment for Neutrino Detection) has performed autonomous detection and identification of EAS with a stand-alone and self-triggered array of 50 radio antennas. This inspires us to investigate the polarization characteristics of the radio signal with a hybrid array of 21 scintillators and 35 antennas measuring the x, y and z components of the electric field emitted by air showers. This hybrid setup is expected to provide a quantitative evaluation of the EAS identification & background rejection of the radio technique. If successful, this experiment would open the door for stand-alone, giant radio arrays dedicated to the study of high energy cosmic particles, such as the GRAND project.
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Dr Quanbu GOU (Institue of High Energy Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences)


Prof. Hongbo Hu (IHEP,CAS) Dr Jianli Zhang (NAOC) Dr Jianrong Deng (NAOC) Dr Junhua Gu (NAOC) Dr Meng Zhao (NAOC) Dr Olivier Martineau (CNRS) Dr Valentin Niess (Univ.Blaise Pascal Clermont-Fe.II(FR)) Prof. Xiangping Wu (NAOC) Dr Yi Zhang (IHEP,CAS) Dr Zhaoyang Feng (IHEP,CAS)

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