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Variations of the vertical cutoff rigidities for the world wide neutron monitor network over the period of continues monitoring of cosmic rays

Aug 3, 2015, 3:00 PM
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Prof. Lev Dorman (IZMIRAN (Russia) and Tel Aviv University (Israel))


Gvozdevsky1 B., Dorman2,3 L., Abunin2 A., Preobrazhensky2 M., Gushchina2 R., Belov2 A., Eroshenko2 E., Dai3 U., Pustil’nik3 L., Yanke2 V. 1- Polar Geophysical Institute, 184209, Firsmana str., 14, Apatity, Russia 2- IZMIRAN, Kalushskoe ave., 4, Troitsk, Moscow, 142190, Russia 3. Israel Cosmic Ray and Space Weather Center with Emilio Segre’ Observatory on Mt. Hermon, affiliated to Tel Aviv University, Golan Research Institute, and Israel Space Agency, Israel Vertical cutoff rigidities for the world wide neutron monitor network are obtained with one year resolution during the period of 1950-2015 by the method of trajectory calculations. The models of Definitive Geomagnetic Reference Field and International Geomagnetic Reference Field have been used for 1950-2010 and 2015 correspondingly. Besides, cutoff rigidities for the whole period were obtained using model by Tsyganenko Ts89 with involving yearly mean values of Kp index. In each case an estimation of penumbra contribution was made in approximation of flat and low spectra (0 and -1) of cosmic ray variations. The results testify total decrease of cut off rigidities practically in the all locations, which is apparently connected to the common decrease of magnetic field in a considered period.
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Primary author

Prof. Lev Dorman (IZMIRAN (Russia) and Tel Aviv University (Israel))


Dr A. Abunin (IZMIRAN, Moscow, Russia) A. Belov (IZMIRAN, Moscow, Russia) Dr B Gvozdevsky (Polar Geophysical Institute, Apatity, Russia) Dr E. Eroshenko (IZMIRAN, Moscow, Russia) Dr Lev Pustil’nik (Tel Aviv University, Israel) M. Preobrazhensky (IZMIRAN, Moscow, Russia) R. Gushchina (IZMIRAN, Moscow, Russia) Dr Uri Dai (Tel Aviv University, Israel) Dr Victor Yanke (IZMIRAN, Moscow, Russia)

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