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The Simulation of cosmic rays in EUSO--Balloon: performances of the direction and energy reconstruction

Aug 4, 2015, 4:00 PM
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Dr Francesco Fenu (University of Torino - INFN Torino)


The EUSO--Balloon experiment is being developed as a pathfinder for the JEM--EUSO mission. In this framework we are developing a series of balloon flights, with a rescaled version of the JEM--EUSO detector, to be deployed at 40 km height. In view of a long duration flight, we estimate the feasibility of detecting real cosmic ray events. In this contribution we evaluate the energy and direction reconstruction performances for the EUSO--Balloon mission. We simulate several samples of EeV cosmic ray events, including the detector, and we apply the algorithms to reconstruct their energy and direction. We therefore show results on the energy and direction resolution and give an estimate of the fraction of good quality events with respect to the triggered events.
Registration number following "ICRC2015-I/" 443
Collaboration JEM-EUSO

Primary author

Dr Francesco Fenu (University of Torino - INFN Torino)


Ms Aera Jung (University Paris Diderot, Paris 7) Mr Alejandro Guzman (University of Tuebingen) Prof. Andrea Santangelo (University of Tuebingen) Prof. Etienne Parizot (University Paris Diderot) Mr Joerg Bayer (University of Tuebingen) Dr Kenji Shinozaki (University of Tuebingen) Dr Mario Bertaina (University of Torino - INFN Torino) Dr Naoto Sakaki (Osaka City University) Mr Simon Bacholle (University Paris Diderot, Paris 7) Dr Thomas Mernik (University of Tuebingen)

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