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South Pole Neutron Monitor Sensitivity to Geomagnetic Field Variations

Aug 3, 2015, 3:15 PM
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Paul Evenson (University of Delaware)


Secular variation of the Earth's geomagnetic fields is well known to change the cutoff rigidity, and thereby the count rate of low latitude neutron monitors. Such changes are generally assumed to be irrelevant to so called atmosphere limited neutron monitors at high latitudes. We have documented a secular change in the count rate of the neutron monitor at Amundsen – Scott Station, located at the geographic South Pole. This monitor is conventionally assumed to be atmosphere limited, but the combination of low cutoff and high altitude is unique within the worldwide network of monitors. We are constructing a more accurate model of secondary particle production in this environment. Using this model we present a new prediction of the sensitivity of the South Pole Neutron Monitor to changes in the geomagnetic field over a 40 year period.
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John Clem (University of Delaware)


Paul Evenson (University of Delaware)

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