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The instrumentation of the data acquisition system for the MonRAt telescope

Aug 1, 2015, 3:30 PM
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Prof. Marcelo Leigui de Oliveira (UFABC)


MonRAt is a compact telescope designed to detect photons generated by ultra-high energy cosmic ray particles in the atmosphere. The telescope is composed of a 64-pixel multianode photomultiplier tube in the focus of a parabolic mirror. Ultraviolet-passing filters are positioned in front of the photocathode to select photons within the wavelength range of nitrogen fluorescence. The data acquisition system consists of a front-end, a set of preamplifiers and FPGA-based boards able to record trigger times and waveforms from each channel. MonRAt is being designed to detect air fluorescence and Cherenkov radiations under different atmospheric and geomagnetic conditions.
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Prof. Artur Vilar (IFRJ/Brazil) Prof. Herman Lima Jr (CBPF/Brazil) Prof. Milton Leão (FAINOR/Brazil) Mr Victor Ferraz (CBPF/Brazil) Mr Vitor Luzio (UFABC/Brazil)

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