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Extending Fermi LAT discoveries with ComPair: Following the Energy in MeV Gamma-ray Astronomy

Aug 4, 2015, 11:00 AM
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Julie McEnery (NASA)


The MeV domain is one of the most underexplored windows on the Universe, mainly due to the challenging nature of the measurements. This is an energy range of transition in the Universe. Thermal sources dominate at lower energies, while non-thermal phenomena prevail at higher energies. In addition, observations at both gamma-ray and hard X-ray energies provide compelling evidence of astrophysical objects whose radiative output peaks in the MeV range. Equally crucial is the strong evidence that spectral features such as breaks, turnovers, cutoffs, and temporal behavior, which are critical discriminating factors between competing physical models, occur within this energy band. In this paper we analyze these phenomena and define the science objectives for a future MeV gamma-ray mission, ComPair, using both Compton scattering and Pair Production detection techniques.
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