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ROI: A Prototype Data Model for the Cherenkov Telescope Array

Jul 30, 2015, 3:30 PM
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Mr Ramin Marx (MPIK Heidelberg)


The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) will be a ground-based gamma-ray observatory with full-sky coverage in the very-high energy (VHE) regime. It is proposed to consist of more than 100 telescopes and should produce large amounts of data, possibly exceeding the volume of current VHE Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes by ~two orders of magnitude. This volume of data represents a new challenge to the VHE community, which is looking for new data formats to transfer and store the CTA data. One of the prototypes currently under study is the ROI (Regions Of Interest) file format for camera images. It stores only those pixels of a camera image that are close to the shower, thus removing the major part of the night sky background while keeping all pixels that might belong to the shower. Simple, on-the-fly compression is used to reduce the file size even further. Here, we explain the ROI prototype in detail and present preliminary results applied to real data and simulations.
Registration number following "ICRC2015-I/" 536
Collaboration CTA

Primary author

Mr Ramin Marx (MPIK Heidelberg)


Dr Raquel de los Reyes (MPIK Heidelberg)

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