Feb 17 – 19, 2015
FBK, Trento
Europe/Zurich timezone

Preliminary results from the first batch of Si 3D sensors fabricated at FBK on 6 inch wafers

Feb 18, 2015, 12:25 PM
"Stringa" Conference Hall (FBK, Trento)

"Stringa" Conference Hall

FBK, Trento

Via Sommarive, 18 38123 Povo - Trento ITALY


Maurizio Boscardin (FBK Trento)


FBK has recently upgraded the pilot line from 4 inch to 6 inch wafers, a fact that brings both advantages and disadvantages for the fabrication of 3D sensors. The talk will focus on the fabrication of the first internal batch of 3D sensors carried out on the new line in 2014. We report on: i) the main modifications introduced in the fabrication process with respect to the baseline process used for ATLAS IBL production, ii) the process issues encountered during the fabrication of the detectors, and iii) the first results obtained from the electrical characterization of diodes, pixels and strips. Within the INFN ATLAS-CMS R&D program, we have planned to bump bonded some wafers in order to proceed with the functional characterization of 3D pixel detectors

Primary author


Mr D M S Sultan (University of Trento, Italy) Gabriele Giacomini (Fondazione Bruno Kessler) Prof. Gian-Franco Dalla Betta (INFN and University of Trento) Marco Povoli (University of Trento) Nicola Zorzi (Fondazione Bruno Kessler - FBK) Roberto Mendicino (UNITN) Dr Sabina Ronchin (Fondazione Bruno Kessler)

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