December 10, 2014
Europe/Zurich timezone
On the 10th of December we will make plans for future round of Challenge Based Innovation - course, but also look at other initiatives we could engage in together with the Global University Network. We well focus on exploring the interests and funding possibilities regarding co-education and research. Updated schedule: 9:00 Start of the day 9:15 Welcoming words (Markus Nordberg) 9:25 Going through the outline of the day Schedule on white wall Goals “what are we expecting to have by the end of the day” 9:30 Overview within H2020 (Pablo Tello) 10:00-11:00 University representatives present their agendas & Initial discussion 11:00-12:00 Writing down ideas & forming clusters 12:15 Lunch 13:45 Working on the proposals 15:00 Presentations 16:00 Conclusion Collecting slides etc. 16:30 Next Steps...