Mar 21 – 27, 2009
Europe/Prague timezone

Scientific Program

  • Online Computing

    CPU farms for high-level triggering; Farm configuration and run
    control; Describing and managing configuration data and conditions
    databases; Online software frameworks and tools; Online calibration
    procedures; Remote access to and control of data acquisition systems
    and experiment facilities.

  • Event Processing

    Event simulation and reconstruction; Physics analysis; Event visualization
    and data presentation; Toolkits for simulation and analysis;
    Event data models; Specialized algorithms for event processing.

  • Software Components, Tools and Databases

    Programming techniques and tools; Software testing; Configuration
    management; Software build, release and distribution tools;
    Quality assurance; Documentation; Foundation and utility libraries;
    Mathematical libraries; Detector geometry models; component
    models; Object dictionaries; Scripting; Graphics.

  • Hardware and Computing Fabrics

    Basic hardware, multicore and multiple CPUs, benchmarks and real
    experience; Fabrics virtualization; Fabrics management and administration;
    Local/site I/O, access to data, MSS systems.

  • Grid Middleware and Networking Technologies

    Grid middleware, both experiment specific and generic; Perspectives in
    middleware development; Middleware reliability and interoperability; Grid
    middleware configuration, testing, and management tools; Grid monitoring
    tools; Networks and their relation to grid systems; Grid and WAN data
    access and transfer; Grid fabrics, its operation and monitoring; Resource
    management and accounting; Developers and Grid operators experience
    and issues from Compute and Data Challenges, and real data run.

  • Distributed Processing and Analysis

    Distributed application experience; Distributed data processing;
    Distributed analysis; Experience and issues with real production;
    Solutions for coping with a heterogeneous environment.
    Virtualization; Mobile computing; Monitoring of user jobs and data;
    Interactive analysis over wide area network.

  • Collaborative Tools

    Collaborative systems, progress in technologies and applications;
    Advanced videoconferencing systems; Experience in the usage of
    video-conferencing tools.

  • Plenary

  • Commercial