22-29 July 2015
Europe/Vienna timezone

Results from the OPERA experiment at the CNGS beam

Jul 23, 2015, 10:22 AM


talk Neutrino Physics Neutrino Physics


Gabriele Sirri (Universita e INFN, Bologna (IT))


The OPERA experiment at the Gran Sasso underground laboratory has been designed to study the nu_mu -> nu_tau oscillation in appearance mode in the CNGS neutrino beam. Four nu_tau candidate events have been confirmed so far, using a sub-sample of data from the 2008-2012 runs. Given the number of analysed events and the low background, nu_mu -> nu_tau oscillations have been established with a significance of 4.2 sigma. In the talk we will present results based on an increased sample of scanned emulsion target units (bricks). The nu_tau data analysis will be updated and discussed, with emphasis on the background constraints obtained by using dedicated data-driven control samples. The analysis of the collected electron neutrino sample and the analysis of the muon charge ratio in the cosmic ray sample will also be covered.

Primary authors

Collaboration OPERA (OPERA) Gabriele Sirri (Universita e INFN, Bologna (IT)) andrea longhin (INFN)

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