22-29 July 2015
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Recent results on exotic quarkonium states from Belle

Jul 23, 2015, 9:45 AM
talk QCD and Hadronic Physics QCD and Hadronic Physics


Alexei Garmash (Princeton)


Recent observations of charged charmonium-like states have opened an interesting landscape in the field of hadron spectroscopy. Continuing with its tradition, Belle recently observed a new charged charmonium-like state Zc(4200) and obtained an evidence for Zc(4430) → J/ψπ+ in B → J/ψπK decays. Belle also found the first evidence for a new charged state Zc(4020)+ in their updated study of ISR decay, e+e− → ππψ(2S). Along with this, we also present the first observation of B0 → X(3872)K+π− decay mode, the search for X(3872)/χc1(2P) in B+ → χc1π+π−K+, and the search for X(3872)-like states, Zc(3900)0, X(3915) and Zc(4020)0 in the final states with ηc meson in the B decays. We also report recent results on the spectroscopy of charged and vector bottomonium-like states at Belle. These include new decay channels of the Zb bottomonium-like resonances in the dataset taken at the Υ(10860), studies of resonant substructure in three-body decays at the Υ(11020), and the observation of η transitions from Υ(4S) and Υ(10860) to Υ(1S,2S) and hb(1P,2P) states, as well as Υ(10860) → η/π+π−Υ(1D). We also investigate the dependence of production rates on the center-of-mass energy in the regions of Υ(10860) and Υ(11020) for several types of b ̄b events, both with bottomonia and open-b states, and consider the implications for the masses and widths of Υ(10860) and Υ(11020).

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Youngjoon Kwon (Yonsei University)

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