22-29 July 2015
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Accelerating Public Engagement

Jul 25, 2015, 9:20 AM


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Ms Silke Zollinger (Science & Technology Facilities Council)


In particle physics researchers work at small scales within projects, but are also part of a larger scale within a collaboration. In the same way, researchers can be part of both small scale Public Engagement activities and large scale programs. No matter the scale, the principles of successful Public Engagement are the same: a work cycle that includes strategy, planning, implementation, and evaluation. Public Engagement can be a challenge for a scientist with an extensive list of research goals, a full conference and meetings calendar, teaching resources to be completed, the next visitor group at the door, another popular science talk to be prepared, and an interview to give. Working with different target audiences such as scientists, educators, students of all age groups, and the enquiring public, high quality public engagement must ensure the needs of these varied audiences are met. In addition, it is also important to accomplish the aims and objectives of institutions. To tackle these challenges, efficient planning is essential. In this talk, I describe a work cycle in Public Engagement, review examples of effective models, and describe best practice methods. This talk will provide tips and techniques to ease your work and maximise your impact in Public Engagement - on both large and small scales.

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Silke Zollinger
STFC Public Engagement Development Manager
Science & Technology Facilities Council

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Ms Silke Zollinger (Science & Technology Facilities Council)

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