22-29 July 2015
Europe/Vienna timezone

Charmed hadron decays at BESIII

Jul 24, 2015, 3:30 PM


talk Flavour Physics and Fundamental Symmetries Flavour Physics and Fundamental Symmetries


Liaoyuan Dong (BESIII)


The BESIII Experiment at the Beijing Electron Positron Collider (BEPCII) has accumulated the world's largest samples of $e^+e^-$ collisions in the tau-charm region. Based on the samples taken at $\psi(3770)$ and $\psi(4010)$ peaks, we present the purely leptonic and semi-leptonic decays of D meson, the Dalitz analysis of $D^+\to K_s \pi^+ \pi^0$ and $D^0\to K_sK^+K^-$, the $K^-\pi^+$ and $K_s\pi^+\pi^-$ strong phases, the D0-D0bar mixing parameter $y_{CP}$, and $D_s$ decays involving $\eta’$. In addition, BESIII collected 506/pb sample at $\sqrt{s}$ = 4.6 GeV, which allows us to perform the double-tag technique to measure the rates in the model-independent way near threshold for the first time. Herein, we present our analysis results on branching fractions for 12 $\lambda_c^+$ hadronic decays, including BF($\lambda_c^+ \to p K^-\pi^+$). In addition, we will present the results of the semi-leptonic decay BF($\lambda_c^+ \to \lambda e^+ \nu$).

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