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Apr 14 – 17, 2015
Europe/Zurich timezone

For the second eLISA CosWG workshop, please visit

This is the first workshop of the eLISA cosmology working group. The aim is to identify and discuss scientific topics and research projects relevant in the context of the next Gravitational Wave Observatory, the mission approved by ESA for L3 launch.

The deadline for registration is April 7th.

   Diego Blas (CERN)
   Chiara Caprini (CNRS IPhT Saclay)
   Daniel Figueroa (CERN)
   Germano Nardini (DESY)

Invited Speakers: 

   E. Barausse (IAP Paris)
   C. Berry (University of Birmingham)
   P. Binetruy (APC Paris)
   J.J. Blanco-Pillado (University of the Basque Country
 & Ikerbasque)
   C. Bonvin (CERN)
   W. Del Pozzo (University of Birmingham)
   V. Domcke (SISSA)
   R. Durrer (University of Geneva)
   M. Hewitson (AEI Hannover)
   M. Hindmarsh (University of Sussex)
   D. Holz (University of Chicago)
   S. Huber (University of Sussex)
   A. Jaffe (Imperial College London)
   T. Konstandin (DESY)
   A. Megevand (University Mar del Plata)
   E. Pajer (University of Utrecht)
   A. Petiteau (APC Paris)
   A. Rajantie (Imperial College London)
   C. Ringeval (University of Louvain)
   J. Romano (University of Texas at Brownsville)
   S. Sanidas (University of Manchester)
   F. Schmidt (Max Planck Garching)
   B. Schutz (Cardiff University & AEI Golms)
   A. Sesana (AEI Potsdam & University of Birmingham)
   C. Skordis (University of Cyprus)
   J. Urrestilla (
University of the Basque Country)

4/3-006 - TH Conference Room
Geneva (Switzerland)
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