Event Description

HiLASE is a new research centre focused on the development of high average power lasers of short (ns) and ultrashort pulse duration (ps) and their applications.

HEPTech and the Institute of Physics of the Czech Republic are partnering with HiLASE in organising this meeting to introduce the new HiLASE facility and explore Industrial Applications of High Energy Lasers, introducing R&D activities in the field to the research community, as well as make engineers and industrial representatives aware of the possibility of using these laser systems for their own purposes. This event aims to bring together Academia and Industry to share ideas, potential applications and fostering collaborations in the  field of High Energy Laser Systems. 

The meeting will have contributions from both the HiLASE team and other contributing groups, and companies on their added value, and research.

Dates: from 4 March 2015 to 5 March 2015

Venue: HiLASE Centre, Intitute of Physics ASCR

Organizing Committee: Ales Hala Institute of Physics - CITT
  Pavla Dolezalova  Institute of Physics - CITT
  Tomas Mocek  Institute of Physics - HiLASE
  Danijela Rostohar Institute of Physics – HiLASE
  Jean-Marie Le Goff CERN
  Konstantina Kyriazi CERN
  Antonio de Valladares Pacheco HEPTech/STFC
  Ian Tracey KTN