May 24 – 25, 2018
Dolní Břežany (Prague)
Europe/Zurich timezone

Workshop: Large Laser Facilities for R&D in Industry
May 24 - 25, 2018 / ELI Beamlines, Czech Republic

ELI infrastructure is organising a workshop dedicated to industrial applications based on high-power laser technologies of Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) technologies located in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania.

From 2018, the ELI high-power laser infrastructure will offer access also for industrial user community to take advantage of the latest developments in pharmaceutical, chemical, material and semiconductor sectors as well as others advanced processes.The ELI infrastructure offers an advantage of ultrafast pulses from microseconds to attoseconds, which are suitable for all dynamic processes and advantage of large range of radiation sources (from infrared to X-ray). On top of that, the ELI infrastructure will also offer support laboratories, dedicated support personnel and general utilities to support company research teams. At the workshop, participants will gain insight into the benefits to companies of using the ELI facilities, information about conditions of access and as well as additional offered services.

Dolní Břežany (Prague)