15-16 October 2015
Europe/Zurich timezone

Scientific Programme

Preliminary Program:

- Fermi Lecture, Toshiki Tajima "Plasma Acceleration from Laboratory to Cosmos Scales"

- Wakefield-Acceleration / Deceleration with Existing Large facilities at 100GeV

     1. PETAL-Megajoule


     3. SLAC-FACET

     4. Plasma Deceleration

- Acceleration with micro and nanostructures

     1. Acceleration in dielectric microstructure

     2. Acceleration and laser guided microstructure

     3. Crystal nanomaterials acceleration

     4. High quality proton acceleration to relativistic energies

- Bridging High Energy Physics and Space technology

     1. Space debris mitigation by laser

     2. ICAN technology dual applications in high energy and space physics

- Applications Physics of Giant Acceleration

     1. Nuclear Physics by laser

     2. Cosmic ray acceleration from accretion disks jets

     3. Schwinger physics

     4. Laser dark field detection

- Frontiers in laser technology

     1. Apollon

     2. 5PW Korea laser

     3. 10PW SIOM laser

     4. Coherent Amplification Network (CAN) : Taking high energy physics and space physics to a new level

     5. Cascaded Compression Conversion (C3)

     6. Single cycle and Exawatt laser

     7. Nexawatt laser

     8. LFEX

  • Poster session

  • Presentations