Jul 6 – 7, 2016
ELI-NP Magurele - Romania
Europe/Zurich timezone
The participation to the event is BY INVITATION. In case you have not been invited and you like to be, please get in touch with Catherine Sarrazin.

As the three ELI pillars in Romania, Czech Republic and Hungary and other large scale facilities like the Apollon system are becoming a reality, unfathomable possibilities not envisaged in the original proposal are coming up. They stem from the combination of peak power, flattop and low beam divergence. The most intriguing one is the capacity to compress petawatt pulses to the single cycle regime. It gives access to exawatt pulse, efficient generation of high energy particle and radiation as well as attosecond-zepto second pulse. Their shortness in the atto and sub attosecond regimes makes their spectrum in the X-ray domain.  These  high field X-ray pulses could for the first time be used to generate wake field acceleration in solid with a behemoth accelerating gradient of TeV/cm. This new intensity regime will make possible the laser to penetrate into the field of Nonlinear Quantum Electro-dynamic, to fulfill a fifty years old dream.

For two days July 6 and 7th, we will discuss the most avant-guard applications we can foresee in the framework of fundamental science and societal applications. 

The first day will be dedicated with pulse compression, using a recently introduced technique, TFC, (Thin Film Compression) and recent application to  single cycle and attosecond particle generation .

The second day will focus on medical applications notably  with proton therapy and nuclear pharmacology.

ELI-NP Magurele - Romania
National Physics Library Atomistilor 407, Magurele, County of Ilfov, PO Box MG-6

The workshop is hosted by ELI-NP and is jointly organized by IZEST, ELI-NP, Amplitude Technologies and Thales.