A new generation of high-precision electroweak and QCD calculations/radiative corrections will be required to match the experimental precision expected at FCC-ee and other future colliders.

The purpose of this mini-workshop is

  • to bring together experts and interested newcomers
  • to identify the theoretical challenges in achieving the necessary precision
  • as well as a roadmap with milestones towards the ultimate precision goal
  • Coordination with relevant experimental FCC-ee groups

Questions addressed in the mini-workshop

  • High-precision calculations of electroweak observables
  • High-precision calculations of Higgs properties
  • Precision calculations in BSM scenarios
  • Effective Field Theories for BSM physics
  • Improving extraction of Standard Model input parameters (alpha_s(MZ), m_t, m_b, ...)
  • Radiative corrections to QED processes
  • Application of high precision data in global fits of the SM and BSM

The workshop will run from Monday early afternoon till Tuesday evening. Note that it will be followed immediately by the general meeting of the LHC Higgs Cross Section Working Group and people might be interested in participating to both events. 

Organized by J. Ellis, C. Grojean, S. Heinemeyer

4/3-006 - TH Conference Room
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