31/3-004 - IT Amphitheatre (CERN)

31/3-004 - IT Amphitheatre


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Ian Peter Collier (STFC - Rutherford Appleton Lab. (GB))

Monthly meeting of the WLCG Grid Deployment Board
See also Twiki GDB area for actions and summaries

    • 9:40 AM 9:55 AM
      Introduction 15m
      Speaker: Ian Collier (STFC - Rutherford Appleton Lab. (GB))
    • 9:55 AM 10:15 AM
      GDB Steering Group 20m
      Speaker: Ian Bird (CERN)
    • 10:15 AM 10:35 AM
      Security Operation Centre WG Update 20m
      Speakers: David Crooks (University of Glasgow (GB)), Liviu Valsan (CERN)
    • 10:35 AM 10:55 AM
      Machine/Job Features Task Force update 20m
      Speaker: Andrew McNab (University of Manchester)
    • 10:55 AM 11:15 AM
      HEP Software Foundation workshop report 20m
      Speaker: Michel Jouvin (Laboratoire de l'Accelerateur Lineaire (FR))
    • 11:15 AM 11:35 AM
      ETF SAM/Nagios 20m
      Speaker: Marian Babik (CERN)
    • 11:35 AM 11:55 AM
      HEPiX Spring Workshop Report 20m
      Speaker: Helge Meinhard (CERN)
    • 1:30 PM 3:35 PM
      Lightweight sites - ongoing activities, plans and ideas

      One of the goals of WLCG Operations Coordination activities is to help simplify what the majority of the sites,
      i.e. the smaller ones, need to do to be able to contribute resources in a useful manner,
      i.e. with large benefits compared to efforts invested.

      Classic grid sites may profit from simpler mechanisms to deploy and manage services.
      Moreover, we may be able to get rid of some service types in the end.

      New sites may rather want to go into one of the cloud directions that we will collect and document.

      There may be different options also depending on the experiment(s) that the site supports.

      There is no one-size-fits-all solution. We will rather have a matrix of possible approaches,
      allowing any site to check which ones could work in its situation, and then pick the best.

      In this session we present activities already ongoing or planned,
      and we will look for ideas worth pursuing in a task force.

      Conveners: Julia Andreeva (CERN), Maarten Litmaath (CERN)
    • 3:35 PM 3:45 PM
      Wrap up 10m
      Speaker: Ian Collier (STFC - Rutherford Appleton Lab. (GB))